TeamGates is a professional esports team with a twist.  Although gaming is important to us and winning sure is fun, TeamGates believes in our community.  Our fans are loyal, responsive, supportive and quite entertaining with their memes and overall just plain gaming fun attitude.  We focus on what is important to us and our community is IMPORTANT.  We give back to the community with giveaways courtesy of our sponsors, friends and of course Trick2G.  We love game competition and we provide that to our community so that they can enjoy it with us with SubWars for League of Legend fans, PUBGwars for the chicken dinner lovers in Player Unknown Battlegrounds as well as one of our favorites H1Z1.

We also participate in many Charity events and have raised over $300,000.00 for many disasters, suicide prevention, medical help, animals and more.  Giving back to our community keeps our bond with our friends while helping those in need.