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Team Gates are excited to announce our DGATEZ Tournament on H1Z1 King of the Kill.

H1Z1: King of the Kill is a fast-paced, fight-to-the-death shooter, where players compete in large-scale, chaotic PvP spectacles of skill and wit. DGATEZ Tournament will be a solo’s tournament on H1Z1 King of the Kill. The tournament day will consist of 2 ‘warm up’ games followed by the real deal.

For those of you looking to catch the action it will be shoutcasted by Trick2G and broadcasted on his channel here! We will also be running lots of giveaways on the day so be sure to tune in to watch the madness unfold!

100 Players will be runnin’ and gunnin’ to prove who is THE King of the Kill. WINNER IS THE LAST MAN STANDING. Here is what the players will be playing for:

1st PLACE: Nightmare Unicorn Mask | Fight for the Crown in-game Hoodie

2nd PLACE: Fight for the crown in-game Hoodie | $20.00 Steam Card

3rd PLACE: Fight for the crown in-game Hoodie