• Currently team PUBG
  • Country United States

Quick Bio

Steam Profile
My name is Aaron Huff and I go by "Huffola"; I coach and do analysis for Team Gates. I've played FPS's for as long as I can remember. I began taking games more seriously when Call of Duty MW2 released. In 2009 I won my first gaming tournament on Game battles and from that moment forward I was hooked. In early 2017 I discovered PUBG and helped create one of the largest competitive PUBG discord to date. It was there that my passion for the game sent me on a path to find mossy and cillo to start Team Ignite. In a little over a year I have amassed near 3500 hours in game with hundreds more spent outside of the game analyzing VODs and studying gameplay. My goal as a coach is to remove as much RNG from the game as possible so that my players skill is able to shine above the competition.

More details

  • Mouse Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition
  • Headset Astro A40 TR
  • Keyboard Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2
  • Graphics Card GeForce GTX 1070